About Us

Certified Counseling Services, Education & Support


Anger Me Not Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by Paula Hastings. We focus on providing Counseling Services, Education and Support to those suffering from and affected by domestic violence.

Our staff is devoted to empowering abused individuals to break the control factor in their lives and help teach them to love themselves, so they can have the courage to regain their power again. Anger Me Not is dedicated to helping and treating all sides of domestic violence by working on the root of the problem through anger management as well as crisis and family counseling.

Anger Me Not was created not only from interest and concern in the areas of anger management and domestic violence but, through our founder's personal experience. Hastings is a survivor of domestic violence and violent stalking. She created this organization in hopes of sharing her story of triumph and helping those currently in these situations to get out safely and exploit their resources to encourage staying away for good.